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Saudi blogger Badawi to be flogged again, wife says –

(CNN)A Saudi blogger convicted of “insulting Islam” is expected to receive the second 50 lashes of a 1,000-lash sentence soon, his wife says.

Source: Saudi blogger Badawi to be flogged again, wife says –

Badawi was convicted of “insulting Islam” and flogged publicly in January of this year.  He was to receive the lashes every Friday for 20 weeks, 50 every time.  But after the first flogging they were suspended for unknown reasons.  According to Badawi’s wife, who now resides in Canada, they are set to resume inside the prison this week.

Western nations, including the US, have expressed their disapproval of Badawi’s 10 year prison sentence and floggings.  They consider him a political prisoner, because he ran a blogging website that criticized the Saudi government.

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MicroBiomes Rule!

Type 2 Diabetes Might Be Caused By Your Bacteria | IFLScience.

Prior research has found that as people become more obese, there is an increase in the number of Staphylococcus bacteria found on them, and the scientists behind the latest study suggest that this might be influencing the development of diabetes.

Scientists are working on a vaccine, which might protect against Staph and diabetes.


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