No More Oysters for Us

Oyster lovers will shell out more for the marine delicacy this fall, as freshwater runoff from Hurricane Harvey’s historic floods killed virtually all of the bivalves in the prolific seabeds of Galveston Bay. The storm was the latest setback to a multimillion-dollar commercial fishing and seafood-processing industry that appeared poised to finally rebound from floods, including two devastating tropical weather systems, and an extended drought in less than a decade. Shrimpers, crabbers and other fishermen who work the bay also will feel an impact. But it’s most lethal in the case of the oysters, as Harvey-spawned rains and rainwater runoff drove down the bay’s salinity to fatal levels.

Source: Harvey decimated Galveston Bay’s oyster population – Houston Chronicle


Tell Your Story and Win Prizes!

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Source: Tell Your Story and Win Prizes!

Esri Storytelling with Maps Contest
Everyone has a story to tell. Harness the power of maps to tell yours and win cool prizes.Yes, the Esri Storytelling with Maps Contest is back again this year. And we’re challenging you to send us the best story maps you’ve got!

The grand prize winner will receive a drone and a one-year license of Drone2Map for ArcGIS for one user. Winners will be announced and honored for their storytelling skills at the Esri User Conference.

Now’s the time to get your creative mapping juices flowing, make a story map, and share it with the world.

So what are you waiting for?

I Want to Tell My Story and Win

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Secret State of North Korea | FRONTLINE | PBS

FRONTLINE shines a light on the hidden world of the North Korean people, revealing how ordinary citizens are resisting one of the world’s most oppressive regimes.

Source: Secret State of North Korea | FRONTLINE | PBS

April 4 on PBS

Trump says he really wants Israel-Palestinian peace deal, warns both sides to be ‘reasonable’ – The Washington Post

Since Trump’s inauguration, Israel’s pro-settlement government hoped Trump would give a green light to a building boom in the West Bank on land that Jewish residents believe was promised to them by God and that Palestinians want for a future state.

But apparently that’s not going to happen.

Source: Trump says he really wants Israel-Palestinian peace deal, warns both sides to be ‘reasonable’ – The Washington Post


President Trump warned Israel on Friday that building more homes in Jewish settlements was not “good for peace” and said he wanted Israel to “act reasonably” as his administration explores paths to broker peace talks.

More than 60 percent of the West Bank is under complete Israeli military and civilian control, where even permissions for Palestinians to add a barn or plow a field must be approved by the military government. The same territory is home to more than 400,000 Jewish settlers living in 125 established communities and another 100 outposts, many of them deemed illegal even under Israeli law.

Texas Map Contest

Source: Texas Map Contest

Theme: Texas has chosen to keep the possible topics wide open, with no special theme, just focused inside the borders of Texas.

When: Deadline to submit maps is 6pm CST Monday, May 1st.

Across the U.S., high school and middle school students are exploring their world and creating interesting map products with ArcGIS Online. Esri now challenges students to create and share maps about something in their home states, working to be among the best in the school, state, and nation. The ArcGIS Online US School Competition 2017 is open to high school (gr.9-12) and middle school (gr.4-8) students in the U.S who can analyze, interpret, and present data via an ArcGIS Online presentation, web app, or story map.

100 People

Are You at Risk?

A study in mice suggests that Zika virus could damage brain areas responsible for learning and memory.

Source: Zika can infect adult brain cells, not just fetal cells, study suggests – The Washington Post

Although the virus is primarily associated with infant brain abnormalities, the study shows that even adult brains are susceptible to damage from Zika virus, primarily in the region of the hippocampus.  It could lead to depression or Alzheimer’s like memory problems later in life.

What places in the US are at risk of mosquito-borne infections?

Map highlights U.S. cities with conditions that could put them at risk for Zika virus outbreaks. IMAGE BASED ON DATA MAPPED BY OLGA WILHELMI, NCAR GIS PROGRAM


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