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Where did you go on vacation.

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What Does All This Mean?

MicroBiomes Rule!

Type 2 Diabetes Might Be Caused By Your Bacteria | IFLScience.

Prior research has found that as people become more obese, there is an increase in the number of Staphylococcus bacteria found on them, and the scientists behind the latest study suggest that this might be influencing the development of diabetes.

Scientists are working on a vaccine, which might protect against Staph and diabetes.


Do the Terrible Twos = Bad Gut Biomes?

Toddler Tantrums Might Be Influenced By Their Gut Bacteria | IFLScience.

Researchers from The Ohio State University have found that the abundance and diversity of bacteria found in the gut appear to influence the behavior of young children, especially boys. They found that children with the most genetically diverse composition of bacteria are more likely to show behavior related with positive mood, curiosity, sociability, and impulsivity.

Gut bacteria also produce 90% of our serotonin – the “happy hormone.”

“There is substantial evidence that intestinal bacteria interact with stress hormones—the same hormones that have been implicated in chronic illnesses like obesity and asthma,” said Lisa Christian, another of the study’s authors.

It would be amazing to be able to cure disease by “fixing” the balance of bacteria in our gut and on our bodies.  Science rules!

El Nińo 2015: Largest ever?

Despite last year’s false alarm, there are several reasons to believe that this year’s version of El Niño is the real deal.

First off, it’s rapidly intensifying. El Niño is about self-reinforcing feedbacks between the ocean and the atmosphere, and from all accounts, this one has its foot on the accelerator pedal.

via El Nińo 2015: Largest ever?.

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