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I have shaken hands with George W Bush and Barack Obama, both before they were elected President of the United States.

I met Bush at an event in Monahans, Texas, when he was running for governor of Texas against Ann Richards, in 1994.  He came into the building as I was leaving (he was 2 hours late and I had to get back to work), surrounded by Secret Service agents.  He greeted me by name, even though I never saw him look at my name tag – it was kinda wierd.

Obama was a candidate for the Democratic primary, and I won a ticket to the first YouTube debate at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, in July 2007.  I had been visiting my daughter there and saw a story in the paper about entering a drawing for tickets.  I entered and won!  When the debate was over there was party at the auditorium next door, and after the candidates spoke to the crowd there they came down off the stage and shook hands.  My recollection is that Hilary is short, Barack is very tall, and John Edwards had a lot of hair.  The Secret Service wouldn’t let Hilary sign autographs, and the crowd was too thick around her for me to get near,  but it thinned some for Barack and Edwards, so I got Edwards autograph on the program and shook President-elect Obama’s hand.

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