On TV: Surviving Everest Tells of Triumph, Tragedy

Surviving Everest Tells of Triumph, Tragedy.

Everest first seduced western climbers in the early 20th century. In 1920, the first permit to ascend one of the world’s last great exploration challenges was granted to the British, and the race to the “Third Pole” began.

Nepal under Maoism | War without bloodshed | The Economist

Troubles of the peace for the Maoist government

via Nepal under Maoism | War without bloodshed | The Economist.

The Maoist-led coalition government was formed after the ex-guerrillas pulled off a stunning election victory last April, just two years after they tramped in from the jungle. It faced three giant tasks: to bring better government to one of South Asia’s poorest countries; to help sustain a peace process that followed a bitter, decade-long struggle; and to preside over the writing of a new constitution. Achieving all this, within the 30-month term allotted to a government, was bound to be difficult.

Texas on evolution: Needs further study

From Salon, an article on the future of Texas science. If we really want our universities to be world class, we need to start with high school classes:

As the late, great biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky is famous for saying, “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.”

via Texas on evolution: Needs further study

ComingAnarchy.com » Mega Slums Map

ComingAnarchy.com » Mega Slums Map.

Map representing the location of the 30 biggest “mega-slums” in the World, according to Mike Davis.  Data compiled from various sources, taking average values. The circles’ size and color indicate the number of inhabitants in millions, while the letter indicate the name of the city.  Note that some cities have several “mega-slums” while other cities may have more inhabitants living in slums, but scattered in many small slums rather than in a few “mega-slums”, particularly in South Asia. This map therefore does not show all cities with slums, rather only those with well-known large slums.

The Geography of Recession

Interactive map show job loss in the US, and a related article:

Economic Scene – Job Losses Show Breadth of Recession – NYTimes.com.

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