Students in New York Fall Ill, and Swine Flu Is Suspected –

via Students in New York Fall Ill, and Swine Flu Is Suspected –

In the United States, so far, at least 11 swine flu cases have been confirmed. Seven were confirmed in San Diego and Imperial Counties in California and two in Kansas. In Texas, two 16-year-old students at Byron Steele High School in Cibolo, near San Antonio, were confirmed to have swine flu, and one of their classmates was suspected to have the virus.


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  1. Dear Ms. Manning,

    I read the
    “Students in New York fall ill, and Swine Flu is suspected”
    i would like to start off by saying that the kits used to detect swine flu are made right here in Austin, Texas. My mom works for the company that makes these kits.
    I did not know that the break out of swine flu started in Mexico. Nor did I know that it killed about 81 people and infected at least 1300 people in Mexico.
    The basic idea of the story is that eight kids at a local high school in Queens, New York, were believed to have swine flu. To make sure that this was the truth, New York officals from the school in Queens had Dr. Thomas R. Frieden check them out. The health officals were suspicious because some students had recently been to Mexico. The students DNA had been sent to the only lab in the world that can test for swine flu. The Centers Of Diesase Control And Prevention in Atlanta, GA.
    The eight New Yorkers tested positive for A-strain viruses, but negitive for A-strains. The New York cities say not to worry if the diesase gets out of control, for they have a back up plan. The city had extra hospital ventilators, a numerous reserve of masks and gloves, and a bunch of doses of Tamiflu, a medicine to help prevent/ treat the outbreak of swine flu.
    The Mexican president has ordered to shut down and ban all events, like concerts, and popular bicycle rides through closed boulevards. The Mexican outbreaks seem to be presented on a level 4.
    So far, the alert level in the United States has no level, but has some schools shutting down. There has only been approximately 11 cases of swine flu reported in the United States, and all seem to be recovering, says C.D.C scientists.

    My opionion is that the United States shouldn’t worry so much, but take precaution in washing your hands and covering your mouth if you sneeze or cough.

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