Riot police break up Tehran memorial



Riot police break up Tehran memorial – ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation

.As many as 2,000 people gathered at Tehran’s main cemetery to remember those killed in the wave of protests since last month’s election….The memorial marked the 40th day since the death of a young woman, Neda Agha Soltan, whose death at a post-election protest shocked the world after footage of her final moments was put on the internet. 

Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi tried to approach the cemetery, but was turned back by riot police. According to reports, many people were injured during the protests when riot police used weapons and tear gas on the mourners at the cemetery.

Alabama, Florida see water wars differently 

Six days ago, a federal judge ruled that Georgia is drawing water illegally from Lake Lanier and set a three-year deadline for Georgia, Florida and Alabama to settle their long-running water war.

via Alabama, Florida see water wars differently |

Alabama Power, which owns the Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant, needs water to cool the plant, which provides almost 1/5 of Alabama’s power.

Further down the river, Florida has a stake – the Apalachicola estuary, which needs freshwater inflows to protect the environment for oysters, shrimp, and other marine life that depend on the estuary.

Atlanta, Georgia, of course, doesn’t want to see its water supply diverted to communities downstream.  So the judge’s ruling is anathema to them.

Which group will win out?  Who will have to cut back?  We will soon see.
This map shows Lake Lanier, north of Atlanta, Farley Nuclear Plant in Alabama, and Apalachicola, the mouth of the river.


Video of the Solar Eclipse

Video of the Solar Eclipse – The Lede Blog –

Across Asia on Wednesday, millions of people observed the longest total solar eclipse of the century.

Your SBOE at work

From TSTA.

Regarding the change in passing criteria, Miller (and others) did not understand the difference between answering 90 percent correct and reaching the 90th percentile. The current rule holds that students jumping from first grade to third grade would need to understand at least 90 percent of the third grade TEKS. The normed approach guarantees that 10 percent of all first graders attempting the test will receive early promotion from first to third grade.

If members of the State Board of Education don’t know the difference between 90% and the 90th percentile, how on earth can we trust them with our children’s education?

The board also discussed the upcoming revision of the Social Studies TEKS, including geography.  At some point in the discussion Pat Hardy, a member of the board and former geography teacher, challenged Jay Leno to come and ask questions on Congress Avenue.  I’m not holding my breath.

The Shrinking Aral Sea

The Shrinking Aral Sea

The Shrinking Aral Sea

The Aral Sea continues to shrink.   The European Space Agency has the story.

China makes its move as U.S. falls back in Latin America | McClatchy

China makes its move as U.S. falls back in Latin America | McClatchy.

All but invisible in Latin America a decade ago, China now is building cars in Uruguay, donating a soccer stadium to Costa Rica and lending $10 billion to Brazil’s biggest oil company.

It’s supplanted the United States to become the biggest trading partner with Brazil, South America’s biggest economy


Violent Clashes in Honduras as Ex-President’s Return Blocked –

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — An airborne drama that held Honduras in suspense for most of the day ended Sunday evening with the ousted president’s plane circling over the airport here in the capital, where soldiers and riot police officers blocked the runway and used tear gas and bullets to disperse supporters who had awaited what was supposed to have been his triumphal return.

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