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There are over 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the US, or about 1 for every 23,000 Americans. But even market penetration this advanced doesn’t mean that McDonald’s is everywhere. Somewhere in South Dakota is the McFarthest Spot, the place in the US geographically most removed from the nearest McD’s (*). If you started out from this location, a few miles north of State Highway 20 (which runs latitudinally between Highways 73 in the west and 65 in the east), you’d have to drive 145 miles to get your Big Mac

Tsunami Hits Samoa Islands

via Dozens Die as Tsunami Hits Samoa Islands – NYTimes.com.

A powerful tsunami generated by an undersea earthquake killed more than two dozen people and wiped out several villages in the tropical islands of American Samoa and Samoa early on Tuesday, according to officials and local residents who were working to assess the damage.

China’s Oil Aquisitions


Increasing competition for scarce resources:

from eeo.com

With Sinopec’s recent $7.2 billion acquisition of oil explorer Addax Petroleum and rumors flying that China National Petroleum Corp is about to acquire a large stake in Argentinian drilling company YPF SA, it’s obvious that China’s oil companies really are starting to “Go Global.”

How will this affect US supplies?  Will it drive up the price of oil?  What will the US do to reduce dependence on foreign oil?

Lush Land Dries Up, Withering Kenya’s Hopes – NYTimes.com

From the NYT:

A devastating drought is sweeping across Kenya, killing livestock, crops and children. It is stirring up tensions in the ramshackle slums where the water taps have run dry, and spawning ethnic conflict in the hinterland as communities fight over the last remaining pieces of fertile grazing land.

Along with drought goes environmental destruction due to overgrazing and accompanying erosion, as well as loss of economic resources – the herds of cattle and goats which are starving to death.

How cold transformed geography and history — chicagotribune.com

How cold transformed geography and history — chicagotribune.com

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… cold has shaped the planet for millennia. Glaciers carved out lakes, rivers and valleys. During periods of extreme cold, ocean water was sucked into ice and the Bering Land Bridge opened, allowing humans and animals to cross into the Americas. Cold helped win and lose wars — think Napoleon in Russia.

World’s oldest map

World’s oldest map: Spanish cave has landscape from 14,000 years ago – Telegraph.

A stone tablet found in a cave in Abauntz in the Navarra region of northern Spain is believed to contain the earliest known representation of a landscape.

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