World’s oldest map

World’s oldest map: Spanish cave has landscape from 14,000 years ago – Telegraph.

A stone tablet found in a cave in Abauntz in the Navarra region of northern Spain is believed to contain the earliest known representation of a landscape.


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  1. In this story it is about a map that was found in europe.They say it may be the oldest map they have found in the world.It took them 15 years to get the map out of the cave from where they found it.They had to remove it very carefully to not mess the stuff up.They wanted it to be in the best condition they could have it in.They think it also might be a hunting map or water map somthing like that.There is alot of weird tools that they could have possibly used to make the map.In my opinion i think that it may have been a treasure map its just something i think it could be.I also think that there could also be a older map out there but we just havent found it yet.

  2. This article I thought was right to the point. The worlds oldest map would be really cool to discover. The map was found in a cave and people think it is a map about hunting ways. Some other people think it was a map used for telling stories to the children. The map was more of a sketch than an actual map we have now.
    I think this map was used just to find their way back from hunting. They could have tried ways to describe their land. The people that created this map had to have great knowledge because this is a pretty good map. This map was 14,000 years old. That is for sure the oldest map alive now.

  3. This map dated back 14,000 years ago. It is a stone tablet that was found in the Abauntz cave in the Navarra region of northeren Spain. It was believed to have contained the earliest information of the area. They think it was used to show the flow of the watercourses, the mountains outside the cave and the animals found in the area. It took the Universaty of Zaragoza 15 years to dicipher the etched lines and squiggles.
    I think that the map is a pretty cool part of history and I also think that it must have been really hard to preserve a artifact that is that old. It must have taken a long time. I also can’t believe that it took 15 years for them to dicipher the whole map that took a lot of determination. The map didn’t even look like it had any lanscape drawings on there it look like a bunch of squiggles.I give the people that diciphered the map a lot of credit. This was a really good article and I liked learning about the oldest map ever.

  4. This Article was about a map that is the oldest map in the world. It says the size of the map which is less then seven by five inches, and is less than an inch thick. It shows Mountains, rivers and places good for hunting. People can easily say that it is a sketch, and a map of a surrounding area.
    The landscape corresponds exactly to the surrounding area. This map is a map of a cave and it was useful to the people who lived in caves. Researchers also believe that it may have been used for story telling device or to plan a hunting expedition. They thought that the map could show it was to record areas rich in mushrooms or bird eggs, used for making tools.

  5. This article is reporting on what seems to be believed the earliest map on landscaping. Impressions of a stone emphasizes representation of mountains, rivers and good areas for hunting.
    The research team of Zaragoza believe the stone was made to obtain all aspects of the area from the watercourses to the surrounding animals. Other purposes for the stone were believed to tell the story of their time and/or their journeys to hunt.

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