Long dormant Indonesian volcano erupts second day in a row

Long dormant Indonesian volcano erupts second day in a row.

Plastic Bags: The Mockumentary

Plastic Bags: The Mockumentary — Sightline Daily – Northwest News that Matters.

The Geography of Unemployment

Where do we live?

via radicalcartography.

Changing Demographics

This is a “fear-mongering” video, but it has some really important statistics. The world as I knew it is almost gone.

Smog may be followed by radiation

via Smog may be followed by radiation | Greenpeace Russia.

The map based on data acquired on August 9th clearly depicts that nuclear contaminated areas suffer from more than 20 fires. At least 3 blazes hit the highly contaminated forests of Bryansk region.

The smoke from fires in the contaminated area could spread radiation across Russia and to other countries.  Because Russia is suffering from a serious drought, the fires are spreading across the country, and there is no likelihood of them being extinguished anytime soon.

Large Ice Sheet in Nares Straight

This is the largest chunk to break off in over 50 years, and could threaten shipping.  It will also allow the Peterman Glacier’s flow to accelerate, increasing the flow of freshwater into the ocean.

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