Rural vs. Urban, or Not

via The B.A. Divide | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural.

The country is segregating by education, as people with college degrees cluster in some communities and not others. The areas of the rural America where high percentages of adults hold B.A. degrees have higher incomes and lower unemployment than do those places with less educated populations.

Not only is the rural/urban divide growing, the gap between those with college degrees and those without them is increasing.  It highlights the importance of staying in school.

Although you have to wonder, how did college educated  people misspell Degree in the map title?  I guess they’re math whizzes.

First an Earthquake, Now This



via BBC News – First cases of cholera detected in Haiti’s capital.

With 2,674 cases of the disease reported, health officials have been trying to contain the outbreak in Artibonite and Central Plateau.

They said they had stepped up disease prevention measures and surveillance at the tent camps, and sent medical teams north to treat those infected so they did not travel to the capital to seek help.

Ms Wall said officials were also identifying sites in Port-au-Prince for tent clinics, where patients could be treated away from other people.


Size Matters

true-size-of-africa.jpg (JPEG Image, 2482×1755 pixels) – Scaled (28%).

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, moving toward Mt. Everest

via Railways in Tibet: Mount Everest is singing for joy | The Economist.

“MOUNT EVEREST is singing for joy and the Brahmaputra River swirling with happiness”. Or so says an official Chinese newspaper (using the Tibetan names, Qomolangma and the Yarlung Tsangpo). After much delay, China has started to extend its controversial railway line in Tibet that will draw more tourists to the mountain and boost trade with South Asia. How happy the outcome will be is not so clear.

The proposed railway will bring more Han Chinese to Tibet, further diluting the influence of Tibetans, and possibly damaging the environment of Qomolangma.

It also challenges India’s influence in the region, and could ignite more unrest in the area of Arunachal Pradesh, claimed by both India, who controls it, and China, who wants it.

Asking Geographic Questions

Although I have no desire to carry a gun, and the only thing I’ve ever shot is a tin can, this article from the Texas Tribune raises some interesting questions.

This is geography at it’s best –

1. Ask geographic questions
2. Acquire geographic resources
3. Explore geographic data
4. Analyze geographic information
5. Act upon geographic knowledge

via Wealthier, More-Conservative Texans Have Gun Permits — Texas Concealed Handgun License Law | The Texas Tribune.

When Texas lawmakers approved the state’s concealed handgun statute 15 years ago, they promised it would help law-abiding Texans defend themselves against criminals. But in a pattern that’s playing out in San Antonio and other major cities in Texas, residents in low-income neighborhoods aren’t taking advantage of the concealed carry law as often as residents living in wealthier, more conservative areas.

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