Winners and Losers





via VOA | US: Ivory Coast Leader Has Little Time Left for ‘Dignified’ Departure | Africa | English.

The State Department said there should be no power-sharing deal between Mr. Gbagbo and the internationally-recognized winner of the November election Allassane Ouattara.

Officials here confirm that the United States is willing to consider giving refuge to Mr. Gbagbo as a way of helping resolve the political crisis in Ivory Coast.

ECOWAS announced today that Mr. Gbagbo has said he is willing to have “talks” about the dangerous stalemate.  But as yet, he has not offered to stand down.

Fortunately, our country is accustomed to the rule of law, so when the Supreme Court ruled on the Bush-Gore election, Americans accepted the decision, even if they disagreed.  Unfortunately, most African nations do not have the democratic history that we do, and so elections are seen as a way to maintain corrupt power and privilege for a few elites.

Gbagbo and his supporters have earned the scorn of the free world, and we can only hope that the situation is resolved relatively peacefully, and soon.


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