Child Population in Japan

Web Clock of Child Population in Japan.

364,870 days until Japan has only 1 child under 15 years of age, if current trends continue.

(1) As a result, the Prof. Yoshida’s research team has estimated that there are 16,620,000 children in Japan as of May 5, 2012, decreasing about 300,000 children from last year and 1,550,000 children (equivalent to the population of Fukuoka City) from 10 years ago.


(2) Child Population Web Clock is showing that the child population is declining by one every 100 seconds. This clock gives us a strong impression that the birthrate in Japan is rapidly declining and effective solutions have to be adopted as soon as possible.


(3) Child Population Web Clock has also revealed that Japan would have only one child in May 3011, about 365,000 days from now. By the next year, therefore, there would be no children in Japan. It can be said that “The Children’s Day would no longer come in May 5, 3012.”

Statistics from Professor Yoshida at Tohoku University

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