In light of our discussions in class today, here are some population density cartograms, with some explanations.

mapping population density: some interesting models. « sperg lord.


Who Pays for Healthcare?

Mapping America’s healthcare costs: Intensive care | The Economist.

Nice timeline from the California Healthcare Foundation about who pays for healthcare, whether its Medicare or private insurance.  It doesn’t show increasing costs:

Americans spend about twice as much as Canadians, Germans, French or British. Indeed, the federal government in recent years has begun to spend more on Medicare and Medicaid than on defence.

Notebook Atlas

If you got one of my brochures and are trying to find the Notebook Atlas, if should be $2.95 plus tax.  Amazon and B&N both have it at $199, which is definitely not the right price.  I am trying to find another supplier, or get the pricing fixed.  No rush on getting it, in any case.

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An Island by Any Other Name……

BBC News – Japan arrests pro-China activist swimmers in island row.

Japanese police have arrested 14 pro-China activists who landed on disputed islands, reports say.

The group had sailed from Hong Kong to the islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, followed by Japanese coastguard vessels.

The area around the islands is a rich fishing ground, near major shipping lanes, and possibly contains oil resources.  These are not the only islands Japan  disputes claims of ownership.

Meanwhile, a group of South Koreans finished a relay swim early on Wednesday to another group of islands claimed by Japan.

It followed the first-ever visit of a South Korean president to the islands – called Dokdo by South Korea and Takeshima in Japan – on Friday.

How will these disputes be resolved?  Will this lead to further aggression?  We can only hope not, and that Japan and the other nations involved will be willing to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

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