Data App: Texas Reservoir Levels | The Texas Tribune


Data App: Texas Reservoir Levels | The Texas Tribune

Data App: Texas Reservoir Levels | The Texas Tribune.

The prolonged drought in Texas has severely impacted our water reservoirs.  Many of those in west Texas are almost dry.  What will happen to the citizens who depend on them for water when they’re gone?  Click the link for an interactive map showing water levels in the lakes, with information updated daily.

Speed Reading, for All My New Pre-AP Students

I’m sure all my students are checking this page over the summer so here it is: Speed Reading!  Free software to help you increase how fast you read.  I read about 500 wpm, slower if it’s something with lots to learn, faster if its “summer fiction.”  Spreeder

Water Wars – Rural vs Urban

For Want of Water – Topics – Las Vegas Sun News.

This interactive media details Las Vegas’ increasingly dire water shortages.  This video is the first part of the series.  Click on the link above to view the series.  there is also a series of articles that go into more detail about Las Vegas’ plan to move “unused” water from northern to southern Nevada.

Who should get the water that now goes to wildlife and farms?  Is the population of the cities more important? What will happen in this part of Texas if the water dries up?  Is it ok to pump the Edwards aquifer dry? And most important – who decides?

Linguistic Conflicts In America

22 Maps That Show The Deepest Linguistic Conflicts In America – Business Insider.

can’t wait to use these next year!

No, Not Ducks!

China bans all references to ‘Big Yellow Duck’ in lead up to Tiananmen Square anniversary | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews |

June 4,  1989, was the original protest, shut down by Chinese authorities in a most brutal and oppressive manner.  Although most Chinese are unaware of the massacre, today’s anniversary brought a surprise of sorts to China’s Internet :

Ducks instead of tanks.  Authorities were quick to remove the image from any site it popped up on behind the “Great Firewall.”

The ban on the popular duck comes as Chinese police are blocking the gate of a cemetery housing victims of the Tiananmen crackdown on its 24th anniversary, part of a sweeping annual effort to bar commemorations of the event.

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