Norwegian salmon farm offers bounty for escaped fish | Al Jazeera America.

The world’s largest producer of farmed salmon is offering a $90 bounty for every recaptured fish after possibly thousands of farmed Atlantic salmon staged a jailbreak from their 127,000-fish cage in Norway, further endangering the wild salmon population and concerning those who prefer the wild variety for health reasons.

Apparently farmed fish escape on a regular basis, endangering the population of wild fish.  The farmed variety can spread disease to their wild cousins.  The Environmental Defense Fund says salmon farming is a cause of pollution, chemical use, parasites, and disease.

The salmon-farming industry has been blamed for decades for problems with their fish,  Many escape every year.  And these fish often test high in contaminants such as PCBs and other carcinogens.

So why is there so much farming going on?  Because people want to eat it and

wild salmon are growing scarce: Divided among the world’s population, wild salmon could provide only a single serving for each person per year.


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