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1.6 million Americans don’t have indoor plumbing. Here’s where they live.

Lots of people complain about those pesky questions on the census for – but they give us a picture of America.  And the data guides up to $416 billion in federal spending.  Without data, the government would have no idea of whether or not they money was being spent in the neediest areas.

So where are those areas?  Who lives there?  Why don’t they have indoor plumbing?  As the article points out, indoor plumbing is a recent addition to US homes.

In 1950 fully one quarter of U.S. households did not have a flush toilet — this means that the era of outhouses is well within living memory for many Americans.

The valley, Indian reservations in the Southwest, pockets of Appalachia, and parts of the deep South still lack amenities.  Alaska ranks high for outhouses, too, but that may be more of a factor related to the isolation of homes – but its hard to tell from this map.


Climate Change Means Blackberries in April





It’s Lubbock! No, Wait – It’s Northern China!

2 hours later

Deaths on Everest

Everest Shrugged

Charts produced by Outside Magazine in 2013 showed that working as a sherpa on Everest was far more deadly than serving as an American soldier in Iraq between 2003 and 2007. Yet many sherpas’ names are not known, their lives — and deaths — quickly buried beneath the lore of Everest[.]

via Everest Shrugged.

Last Friday was the deadliest day ever on Chomolungma, when 16 Sherpa died in an avalanche on Khumbu glacier icefall.

Annual Fatality Rates by Profession

(Deaths per 100,000 full-time equivalents)

  • Miners (2000-2010): 25
  • Commercial Fisherman (2000-2010): 124
  • Alaskan Bush Pilots (1990-2009): 287
  • U.S. military in Iraq (2003-2007): 335
  • Everest Sherpas (2000-2010): 1,332
  • Everest Sherpas (2004-2014): 4,053

May they rest in peace (pictures from the funeral).

Everest Shrugged

Until Last Friday, the Deadliest Day on Everest

Yummy Plate Tectonics


Are You Worldly Enough To Ace This Geography Quiz?

Are You Worldly Enough To Ace This Geography Quiz?.


U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz


U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz | Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project.

You should have learned most of this in my class, and  2 we didn’t talk about you should have learned last year in US History.   Hope you do better than average (50%) if you take the quiz.


World Population Data Sheet 2013

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