$2 Billion Plan to Restore Everglades Stuck in Congressional Limbo


$2 Billion Plan to Restore Everglades Stuck in Congressional Limbo.

So if you are doing South Florida for your final project, this article explains it all.

Illegal Immigration

BBC News – Illegal EU migration surges as thousands flock to Italy.

There has been a huge surge in migrants flocking to Europe.

At least a third of the latest arrivals are Syrians, fleeing that country’s civil war. But other significant numbers are coming from Afghanistan and Eritrea.

Also, the Libyan route was shut down for along time, but now is flowing again.

Much depends on the chaotic political and security situation in Libya, where a BBC team has recently seen evidence that large numbers of migrants are still waiting to cross. Some estimates put the figure as high as 300,000.

Both Italy and Spain spend a lot of money patrolling and rescuing migrants, money not reimbursed by the European Union, nor shared among countries.  And of course once in the EU migrants can move freely, since there are no internal border controls.

So as the number of illegal migrants to the US declines, the number in Europe is growing.

While the shrinking European population may need workers, the immigrants face discrimination, low-paying jobs, and a hard life.

No Wonder College is So Expensive


This Map Shows The Largest Employer In Every State | Business Insider.

Disappearing Water

How Big is Greenland?


MapFight – United States vs Greenland size comparison.

2022 Olympics – No One Wants Them

2022 Olympics Host Cities Dropping Out – Business Insider.

Because the cost of hosting is so high, only 2 places will actually bid on the games, and neither is a democracy.  In all the other places public opposition to the extravagant expense has caused the cities to withdraw their bids.

The 2004 Olympic softball stadium in Athens.

American Nile: Saving the Colorado – National Geographic

American Nile: Saving the Colorado – National Geographic.

In depth look at what used to be the Mighty Colorado River.

American Nile: Saving the Colorado - National Geographic

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