China Moves Africa

 BBC News - China to build new East Africa railway line

BBC News – China to build new East Africa railway line.

China is paying for 90% of a new rail line from Mombasa to Nairobi.

The first section will link the Kenyan port of Mombasa to the capital, Nairobi, reducing the journey time from 15 hours to about four.

It is said to be the country’s biggest infrastructure project since independence 50 years ago.

The line will be completed by 2017, and then work will begin on the next sections.  Eventually it will extend to South Sudan.

Construction of the original line began in Mombasa 1895 and the railway reached Nairobi in 1899.

It reached the shore of Lake Victoria in December 1901.

During the difficult and often dangerous work, at least 2,000 workers lost their lives – many of them Indian labourers imported to East Africa to build the railway.

Hopefully this time around workers will be better protected.  The articles didn’t mention how many of the workers will be Chinese.  What’s your guess?  and Why is China paying for this?  What will they get out of it?


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