What Science Lost

Since Sputnik in 1957, there have been a total of 5,341 manned and unmanned launches, and 453 of them failed.

via What Science Lost in the Antares Rocket Explosion | WIRED.

Lots of experiments:

Most of the lost experiments belonged to students from around the country. One, from Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart in Houston, was going to study how pea shoots grow in space. The Student Spaceflight Experiments Program also sent a group of 18 student projects. The experiments would have tested the effects of microgravity on seeds, Chia plants, houseflies, shrimp, and mosquito eggs. One project was going to study how crystals grow in space and another wanted to find out what kind of milk is most susceptible to spoiling in microgravity.

Fortunately no people injured or killed, but there are surely some disheartened scientists who now have to start over.

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