Who Owns Antarctica?

More Ice Loss Than We Thought

“We have a solution that is very solid, very detailed and unambiguous,” said co-author Frederik Simons, a Princeton associate professor of geosciences. “A decade of gravity analysis alone cannot force you to take a position on this ice loss being due to anthropogenic global warming. All we have done is take the balance of the ice on Antarctica and found that it is melting — there is no doubt. But with the rapidly accelerating rates at which the ice is melting, and in the light of all the other, well-publicized lines of evidence, most scientists would be hard pressed to find mechanisms that do not include human-made climate change.”

via Gravity data show that Antarctic ice sheet is melting increasingly faster — ScienceDaily.

Solid evidence that the ice loss is increasing.  Hope you don’t live on a low island in the Pacific, or near a coast, because you’d be in real trouble.

Measuring Social Progress – A TED Talk

Do You Drink Bottled Water?

California’s in the middle of an epic drought — but that hasn’t stopped bottled water production in the state. Even as residents face mandatory cutbacks and fields lie fallow, companies continue pumping hundreds of millions of gallons of water every year into plastic bottles — sometimes straight from a municipal water supply.

via A Lot Of Bottled Water Comes From Drought-Stricken California.


Middle Kingdom

Zhong Guo (translation)

Human Rights

In February, the (Quebec) National Assembly passed a unanimous motion condemning the whipping of Badawi, and expressing support for his wife Ensaf Haidar and their three children.

via Celine Cooper: Quebec can spearhead a national conversation about Saudi Arabia and Raif Badawi | Montreal Gazette.

After Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallström criticized Saudi Arabia for human rights violations in its treatment of Raif Badawi, 

 Sweden [ ] scrapped a decade-long arms agreement with Saudi Arabia after Saudi diplomats had blocked their foreign minister, Margot Wallström, from speaking about human rights at an Arab leaders’ summit in Cairo.

Saudi Arabia pulled its ambassador from Sweden, and canceled visas for Swedish businessmen.  Now some Canadians are speaking out.  Badawi’s wife and children fled to Montreal after his arrest.  Their supporters are questioning Canada’s close ties to Saudi Arabia.

With an abyssmal record on human rights, Saudi Arabia is a close ally of the West.  Will they listen?

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