An American Muslim in Kansas 

Source: An American Muslim in Kansas tries to claim her place in her own country | The Washington Post

Without a hijab, she would be a college senior who lives in a subdivision with her parents, two younger sisters and grandfather. She’d be the annoyed oldest daughter who has to pick up her little sister from swimming. She’d be the 21-year-old who works at her father’s used-car lot haggling over Dodge Chargers by a chain-link fence. She would be a business major who binge-watches “Quantico” instead of doing her take-home exam.

Instead, she is often the “other” who gets stared at, yelled at, and occasionally threatened by other Americans.  All because she practices a religion most Americans don’t understand.

The lack of even the most basic knowledge about Muslims depresses Maira; it became terrifying in a year in which America’s television was stuck on the ISIS channel. One day she was at a traffic light when a woman rolled down her window and screamed, “Go back to your own country.” Nothing like that had ever happened before. The woman drove on while Maira sat there, scared and then angry, wishing she had yelled back that she was in her own country.

As president of the Muslim Student Association at her university, Maira tries to help people understand that ISIS is not the same as Islam.  It is not an easy task, considering what is on the news these days.

This article does a great job of peering into one girl’s life, and her quest to be seen as a “normal” American.

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