Latin America – Unit 3

Intro to Latin America

2 maps of Central and South America

Overview of South American geography

Cultural Blending in Latin America Introduction and Map

Cultural Blending, from Hemispheres

all the pictures, questions for analysis

instructions for summative essay

Blended Thanksgiving traditional foods, from the NY Times – Food for each state! Texas is Turkey Tamales!

Political Instability in Latin America, from Mapping History at University of Oregon

Banana Republics – PAP reading, Neruda’s poem La United Fruit Co., 1951 map, and 2 short videos –one, and 2 video

NAFTA –   Pros/Cons –  Which country benefits most?  More here

What is NAFTA?

and now – renegotiating NAFTA

The Dam Project: PAP reading, Instructions for the project, links

180 Degrees South – a movie about Patagonia, and a powerpoint

worksheet for the movie, watch on line here


How will these corridors impact people and the environment?

Peru’s Interoceanic Highway

Timelapse video – through the Panama Canal

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