Unit 1

Geography Matters

National Geography standards

State of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Geography

5 Themes of Geography

Latitude and Longitude

For review:  Erosion, Deposition, and Weathering video 1video 2video 3

Landforms and Natural Hazards Scavenger Hunt:   PAP

Case Study – Human Environment Interaction – The Louisiana Delta, videos here and here

Houston Flooding: video and Article with maps

Earth-Sun relationship

Climate factors and climographs

Links for more info:

Climate factors

Climate controls links with climographs

Reading climographs  here, selected world cities,  US cities 

Climate Activity – matching and handout, key

REVIEW with KAHOOT challenge https://kahoot.it/challenge/0425696

Game Pin: 0425696

Population Growth


Population studies:

Vocabulary, ch 4 sec 2

world population density

Demographic Transition model:  Link to Graphics, worksheet 1, worksheet 2, activity, and presentation

Population pyramids from BBC,  more pyramids here, and here

US Census Bureau – make your own population pyramids

Big Country Demographic report – do this in Google Classroom

Population Reference Bureau 2016 World Data Sheet Interactive guide

View World in the Balance, a PBS/Nova video, complete the worksheet, and take the quiz


Culture Powerpoint and diffusion pics, vocabulary

Reading – culture and language – from Newsweek

Big Country CultureProject

Religions – ppt,



Kahoot 1

Kahoot 2



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