Unit 2

The US and Canada

2 maps:  physical and political, plus instructions for labeling


PAP – Read, take notes, and annotate the large map – pg 128-132, 162-166,

Reading about the Physical Geography of North America and it’s influence on our country, plus questions to answer about the reading

Regions of the US and Canada – Mural Project – What makes each region unique?

Geographic challenge of the US

Here’s another one on Canada:

Historical Immigration to the US reading, timeline, and questions

Population and migration 1900-2000 – reading, table, and activity

online reading at the NYT

The Erie Canal: 

In 1825, Governor Dewitt Clinton officially opened the Erie Canal as he sailed the packet boat Seneca Chief along the Canal from Buffalo to Albany.  After traveling from the mouth of the Erie to New York City, he emptied two casks of water from Lake Erie into the Atlantic Ocean, celebrating the first connection of waters from East to West in the ceremonial “Wedding of the Waters”.

The effect of the Canal was both immediate and dramatic, and settlers poured west.  The explosion of trade prophesied by Governor Clinton began, spurred by freight rates from Buffalo to New York of $10 per ton by Canal, compared with $100 per ton by road.  In 1829, there were 3,640 bushels of wheat transported down the Canal from Buffalo.  By 1837 this figure had increased to 500,000 bushels; four years later it reached one million. In nine years, Canal tolls more than recouped the entire cost of construction.



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