Unit 7 Sub-Saharan Africa

2 maps – political, physical

Regular WG ppt and notes

PAP notes and video part 1, part 2, and part 3

Africa through Europeans eyes – 700 years of maps

Chocolate – aren’t these beans used for making wine?


Sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa

Readings: Transition Zone, East Africa, West Africa, Equatorial Africa, Southern Africa


Regions map

Introduction to Sustainability Project in ArcGIS, directions for getting started

Instructions for the Project, with the Rubrics at the end


Then reading, Powerpoint, White Man’s Burden, Black Man’s Burden

new PAP reading, Reg WG reading and Venn diagram

The First Grader background, handout

More on sub-Saharan Africa

Conflict in the DRCongo – from National Geographic

Photos from the Sahel, with explanatory captions

Robert Draper’s article for NG on the Rift Valley

Zambia’s 3 Rivers video

Botswana – the Okavango Delta video

Zimbabwe from NG

Chimurenga (protest) music from Thomas Mapfumo of Zimbabwe

and another here – “Corruption

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