Unit 6 Middle East and North Africa

PAP – Unit 6 video and outline notes

Regular academic geography PowerPoint for Middle East and North Africa, and outline notes

Physical and Political maps and labels

Middle East and North Africa, or Not? ppt and quiz


Conflicted Region

eNvironmental: Water ppt; Water Conflicts article for more information

This is from RT, a Russia-based news organization, so it’s somewhat biased. But the facts are pretty straight-forward.  https://youtu.be/pvi–Tqd5v0

Political conflicts – The Arab Spring video, Palestinian issues (original and edited versions), ISIS, PPT  on political conflicts, 5 years on – photos and stories; Syria’s Civil War explained

PAP Reading homework here

Egyptian crackdown on dissidents from the NYT

Economics: ppt, OPEC article; Mission of OPEC, and a brief history; Oil and dictators from the Geopolitical Monitor; background reading


Social conflicts – ppt on growing populations, religious divide (Sunni/Shia), clan based society, women’s and human rights issues/violations, refugees; unfair treatment of sexual assault victims here

Article from the Economist on places with a lot of young, single males

UN Human Rights in MENA


Jeds and Pads activity, ppt, timeline, and questions handout

Promises video and handout  online here, update here

From Vox – a really good Explainer

Common genetic ancestry of Jews and Palestinians

The Wall here

Al_Jazeera article and graphic showing Palestinian deaths

Information on the conflict: here, here, and here.  More here and here.  From a Palestinian point of view. Another here

Preparing for the essay test here

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