Unit 8 South Asia

Introduction to S. Asia

Physical geography in textbook – take notes

ch 25 pg 632-635

ch 26 pg 656-659

ch 27 pg 678-681

On-level Physical geography ppt and notes

physical and political maps

India’s Population Paradox in an ArcGIS Story Map

National Geographic article “A Harvest of Water

Monsoon activity and answer sheet


Effects of the Indian Monsoons


Outsourcing -Thomas Friedman video, questions, PAP article and questions

Maps, another mapmaps, nice map, and more maps of Asian religions, readings on Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism; spread of Buddhism; spread of religions

Worksheet on South Asian religions

Test review

Sikh Golden Temple at Amritsar

videos from the BBC – Monkey King’s Sacrifice (Buddhism), Hindu Diwali story, Guru Nanak’s life story(Sikhism)

Effect of India’s Caste System on Women

India’s Demographic Challenge

Nepal’s Geographic challenge

Northern India

Fun video on the Dabbawalas

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