Unit 9 East Asia

Intro to East Asia

2 maps, political and physical

Pre-AP video on East Asia

Power Point and notes, E Asia Physical geography

Water diversion project

link to article by Robert McColl

Picturing China –  the next 10 Years – 3 Decades Powerpoint,  note-taking guide, rubric, articles and charts

Story of the Weeping Camel and handout

Mongolian gers

the loss of native Mongolian herding culture, and strip mining on the grasslands, more here, and here

The New Mongolian Nomads ppt


Japan’s Demographics

The Incredible Shrinking Country


Raw Tsunami video


Importance of the Yangtze River

North Korea, from National Geographic

14 Responses

  1. So what do I click on exactly for the charts and article information?

    • the “4 articles and charts and graphs” link. Its a zip file. Save it to your computer, then extract the files, and then you can open all the documents.

  2. I saved the articles and charts to my computer, but it is saying there must be files in the folder to be extracted. What am I doing wrong??

  3. Mrs. Manning,

    At the top of rubric it shows two parts that say (5) Geography & (8) Geography sections. What are those for?? I have a mural of China & my cited bullet list. Is there anything else that I am missing.

    Is there any paragraph summary, etc. that needs to be written? I was out sick last week and feel like I am missing something.

    Thanks! Cody

    • those are the TEKS – the state standards – what we have to teach you.
      nope, no paragraph.
      the picture and the bullets should cover it.

  4. This is the section I am talking about??

    (5) Geography. The student understands how political, economic, and social processes shape cultural patterns and characteristics in various places and regions. The student is expected to:
    (A) analyze how the character of a place is related to its political, economic, social, and cultural elements;
    (8) Geography. The student understands how people, places, and environments are connected and interdependent. The student is expected to
    (A) explain the interrelationships among physical and human processes that shape the geographic characteristics of places such as connections among economic development, urbanization, population growth, and environmental change
    (B) compare ways that humans depend on, adapt to, and modify the physical environment using local, state, national, and international human activities in a variety of cultural and technological contexts

  5. How do we cite the charts? And do we have creative freedom over the mural?

    • in the bullets just use the title of the chart (ie – Internet Users) or the title of the article (ie – water shortage).
      the bullets should say what you would be writing in an essay – your evidence to back up what you think China will be like in 10 years. But instead of an essay you are drawing a picture – the bullets are just a little extra to explain the pic.

  6. Oooooh, that makes so much more sense.


  7. i know this is late but i was wondering, for the information, do we wright down what the important facts are? do we wright down what the article was mainly about? or do we read the article and wright what we think is going to happen in the next ten years due to the article?


    • suppose you were writing an essay about China 10 years from now. What evidence from the pictures, articles, and charts would you use to back up your predictions? That evidence is the 6 bullets you have to write on the back of your picture – to back up what you draw. The picture is your “essay.”

  8. There is no review for us to print out?

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