2017 Spring Book Project

You will use ArcGIS Online to create a Story Map for your chosen book.  A non-fiction book is preferable for this project.  The instructions for both ArcGIS and the project are here.  ArcGIS and Story Maps both work best with Chrome browser.  Internet Explorer does not play well with either program.

Sample Story Maps can be found here and here.

The rubric and tips here

The book list is here – remember, non-fiction will work best.  These are listed first on the list.

The Parent letter is here.

This project is turned in electronically through Google Classroom.

100 Responses

  1. Oh wow. So cool

  2. where do we do the vocab? In microsoft word?

  3. what is the ArcGIS username?

  4. can we make the vocab in word then turn it in with the story map on classroom?

  5. Can you resend my password please

  6. can we put vocab in google docs?

  7. How do I place a pin on my map? I’ve looked in the instructions but can’t find any information on how to do it.

    • once you get into the Story Maps, when you are editing the text highlight some of it, then click the arrow next to Main Stage Actions. It will expand, and one of the selections will be a map marker. Click it, and then you can move the marker around to wherever you want on the map.

  8. I can’t login, would you reset my password?

  9. what vocabulary are you talking about?

  10. Where do I put my citations from my research? Do they go as an individual slide at the end or do I put them in on each slide thing.

    • if there is a lot you can make another panel just for them, or at the end of you text if there’s just one or 2.

  11. My log in isn’t working it said my password is incorrect. Should I make a new account?

  12. Can you reset my password?

  13. I never got my password sent to me

  14. my school account isn’t receiving anything… we just sent a test email to my school account and it says that my email is blocking other outside email servers. is there anyway I can do it differently?

  15. My paragraphs get cut off in story map, where should I put them?

    • I’m not sure what you mean. You ought to be able to write as much as you want in the panel. Which Story Map type are you using?

      • Story Map Journal

      • the writing may be covered up when you insert pictures, so insert them first, then arrange your writing around them. are you using Internet Explorer? that might be the problem…

      • also, sometimes only a brief bit of the writing shows until you click the little button on the side to show the panel.

  16. what is the ARCgis password?

  17. In the rubric it says in order to get an A or B you must do research, what kind of research are you looking for?

    • research about the people, places, events, or information in the book. Links to it, pictures, and some written information that illuminates it..

  18. it is not letting me link the words i have everything else done except vocab. i have tried everything

  19. I’ve had trouble logging in, can you please reset my password?

  20. Can you reset my password please?

  21. I accidentally added a layer on my map and I would like to remove it but I can’t figure out which layer it was because none of them are giving me an option to remove them. Is there a way to just remove all layers?

    • go to the “content” layer, then click on the drop=down arrow next to the layer you want to remove, and click “remove” or delete

  22. Can you reset my password for the school email

    • who is this? I need your user name. I can’t reset your school email password, only your ArcGIS password.

  23. What is the class code for first period google classroom? I moved into your class so I am not in the google classroom for your class.

  24. How should we start a new paragraph if we have more than one? It won’t let me indent

  25. arcGIS says my account invitation was accepted or removed. i’m a little worried because i’ve typed in my email and user name and am not able to log in, even though it works fine for my email. is there a way around this?

  26. i logged off to eat dinner, and i went to sign back on, could you reset the password?

  27. is there anyway i could send it to you through my personal email?

  28. the layer i am trying to add is “unavailable”. Can you help me figure out if this is because of me or the computer?

  29. where is the link at

  30. My password isn’t working.

  31. will you count it late

  32. can you reset my password?

  33. How do you want us to zoom into the place on the map?

  34. can you reset my password, and when you reset it, what will it be?

  35. When is the Story Map Book Project due?

  36. Will you reset my password please?

    • I need your name and student id number. Please give that info to your teacher and have them email me.

  37. What if there isn’t ten very important places in the book? Like if we only have 3-5 good places that we can right a paragraph about.

    • I don’t know what book you are reading, but Place doesn’t mean just a town. It could be several places in one town – school, store, house, etc.

  38. I’m trying to turn my project in is it the socialize link or the embed in web page link

  39. This was a pretty interesting book

  40. Can you give me a password reset?

    • No, I will have to make you a new account. I will email you the new user name and password.

  41. I can’t login. Can you reset my password please ?

  42. I can’t log in. Can you reset my password please?

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