Decline Of The Asian Family

Decline Of The Asian Family: Drop In Births Threatens Economic Ascendancy |

In the last half century, East Asia emerged as the uber-performer on the global economic stage. The various countries in the region found success with substantially different systems: state-led capitalism in South Korea, Singapore and Japan; wild and wooly, competitive, entrepreneur-led growth in Taiwan and Hong Kong; and more recently, what Deng Xiaoping once described as “socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

But that will definitely change as the population of the region declines.  How will these nations face the future?  And what will that future be like?

Istanbul, Turkey : Image of the Day

Istanbul, Turkey : Image of the Day.

Istanbul has grown by more than 11 million people in the last 50 years, and the city has expanded to accommodate its new population.

NASA’s Image of the Day contrasts the city’s extent in 1975 with it’s current size.  A new bridge across the Bosporus strait opened in 1988 (the first was completed in 1975) and the city grew north east towards the newest bridge.

Istanbul is the only city to occupy two continents -Europe to the north, and Asia to the south.  It was founded in 330 CE, and served as a trading center and gateway between the 3 continents of the “Old World” for many centuries.

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