Asking Geographic Questions

Although I have no desire to carry a gun, and the only thing I’ve ever shot is a tin can, this article from the Texas Tribune raises some interesting questions.

This is geography at it’s best –

1. Ask geographic questions
2. Acquire geographic resources
3. Explore geographic data
4. Analyze geographic information
5. Act upon geographic knowledge

via Wealthier, More-Conservative Texans Have Gun Permits — Texas Concealed Handgun License Law | The Texas Tribune.

When Texas lawmakers approved the state’s concealed handgun statute 15 years ago, they promised it would help law-abiding Texans defend themselves against criminals. But in a pattern that’s playing out in San Antonio and other major cities in Texas, residents in low-income neighborhoods aren’t taking advantage of the concealed carry law as often as residents living in wealthier, more conservative areas.

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