You’re Fired

BBC News – Malawi’s Joyce Banda sacks cabinet amid corruption row.

Several officials have been caught allegedly with money hidden under their beds and in their cars, reports the BBC’s Raphael Tenthani from Malawi.

Last month, top finance ministry official Paul Mphwiyo, who was seen as an anti-corruption crusader, was shot and wounded, our reporter says.

We saw her speak last last month –  she was amazing.  I hope she can keep up the fight against corruption in her country – that’s its only hope.  The people are the ones who should benefit, not corrupt politicians.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Ms Banda said she had appointed a special team, made up of police and government officials, to do a financial audit across all government departments.

Our reporter says the shooting of Mr Mphwiyo opened a can of worms with the media awash with reports of unscrupulous civil servants conniving with businessmen to fleece the government of millions of dollars through dubious contracts.

What will happen next?  Can the president really change decades of corruption?  We hope so, for the sake of the people.

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