How the Harlem Shake is being used to push for change in Egypt – World News

How the Harlem Shake is being used to push for change in Egypt – World News.

How does the Harlem Shake phenomenon reflect the diffusion of cultural norms?  Well, it’s now representing in Egypt, where the younger generation is using it to protest against culturally repressive government.

“It’s a funny way to protest how [the Muslim Brotherhood] have taken control of the country,” said law student Tarek Badr, 22, who was one of more than 100 thrusting their hips in front of the political movement’s Cairo headquarters on Thursday. “People won’t be silent. They will protest in all ways and this is a peaceful way.”

and from comes this:

“The people in the video are insisting that there is still a Harlem culture within the geographic boundaries, that it’s a lived experience,” he says. “Clearly they’re right that it’s not the original, but the [commenters] responding to the video have a very different reading of culture. It’s a controversy we’ll keep having, about ownership of culture, which is very hard in the YouTube era.”

What do you think?  Will all the world share one culture in the future? or will local cultures still reflect local peoples and their unique history?

Once Upon a Time in Dubai – An FP Slide Show


Once Upon a Time in Dubai – An FP Slide Show | Foreign Policy.

Amazing pictures, along with a little history.  Apparently, there was no running water in the whole country just 50 years ago.

Click the link to see the slideshow.

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