Cyclone Mahasen – Poor Bangladesh Just Can’t Catch a Break

Bangladesh is evacuating one million people with Cyclone Mahasen expected to hit its low-lying delta coast on Thursday evening, said the United Nations, which estimated 4.1 million people were at risk due to gale-force winds, heavy rain and flooding.

via Bangladesh Orders 1 Million Evacuated as Cyclone Nears –

Bangladesh Orders 1 Million Evacuated as Cyclone Nears -

Bangladesh Orders 1 Million Evacuated as Cyclone Nears -

Parts of Myanmar are also under threat,  from flooding and possible  mudslides in more mountainous areas.

How does such a poor country evacuate that many people?  Where will they go?  How will they be fed?  What will happen to the livestock they had to leave behind, which provide part of their livelihood?  How will they be able to begin again?  or Will they end up moving into the slums of Dhaka, providing more fodder for the factories?

The Dead Zone – not the movie


via Mississippi runoff expands Gulf ‘dead zone’ | TG Daily.

It’s currently about 3,300 square miles, or roughly the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined, but researchers at Texas A & M University say it’s likely to become much larger.

Due to the massive amounts of runoff from the major flooding, the dead zone in the Gulf Of Mexico is expected to reach almost twice it’s usual size.  Right now its one-third of it’s anticipated maximum.  The large amounts of fertilizer and sediment in the runoff contribute to algae growth in the gulf.  The algae die, and their decomposition uses up all the oxygen in the water.  As a result, nothing can live in the “Dead Zone.”


Flooding Around the World

A Chinese man pushes a makeshift drum raft while a child sit on it in a flooded street in Xianing city in central China’s Hubei province on Wednesday.

via Flooded Chinese river at highest level since 1955 –

Flooding in China over the past two weeks has left more than 170 people dead or missing and forced out residents in regions along the Yangtze River.

Trains trapped by landslides, roads blocked, 18 villages flooded when levees failed.  No, not along the Mississippi River in the US – this is along the mighty Yangtze in China.  Rains and flooding are  predicted to continue.




River Unleashed

Vodpod videos no longer available.

An even better video ishere, part 2 here, but I can’t embed it, just click the link to watch the spillway flood when the gate is opened.

Wikimapia has some info and of course a map here.

This is supposed to relieve pressure on the river levees, and prevent flooding downstream  But it will flood the Atchafalaya River Basin, and take 3 days to reach the Gulf at Morgan City.

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