Oh No, Kosovo

map-kosovo-ethnic-3Opposition lawmakers released tear gas Monday in Kosovo’s parliament as they once again tried to pressure the government into renouncing deals with Serbia and Montenegro.

Source: Kosovo Opposition Releases Tear Gas in Parliament | Al Jazeera America

This kind of shenanigans has been going on for 3 months as the opposition protests deals made by Kosovo.  One of deals gives more power to ethnic Serbs in the country, while the other sets the border with Montenegro.

Serbia does not recognized Kosovo’s independence, declared in 2008.  The EU is mediating talks between the two countries.

The deal on Serb minority rights is suspended until Kosovo’s constitutional court rules on its legality. The government, which accuses the opposition of trying to seize power by force, has said it will ask international experts to decide on the border demarcation with Montenegro.


Albania claims more territory

Macedonia reacts against Albanian geography.

This map, reportedly from an Albanian 4th grade geography textbook, shows the area of “Albania” as it should be, according to Albania.

The textbook

sparked reactions and concerns in Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro. Concerns were caused by teaching unit, which says that Kosovo, parts of Greece, Montenegro and half of Macedonia ​​geographically belong to Albania, but are cut off by violence after the Balkan wars in 1913.

Several of the surrounding countries have said they will file “official” protests if  the map and story are used in Albanian classes.

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