Our Demographic Future is Now

For Some Texas Schools, Demographic Future is Now — Public Education | The Texas Tribune.

In 2011, the state reached two landmarks. For the first time, Hispanics became the majority of public school students. And to cope with a historic budget deficit, the Legislature did not finance enrollment growth in the state’s schools — something that had not happened since the modernization of the state’s public school system in 1949.

Texas’ future depends on educating our citizens so they can move into jobs now held by about-to-retire baby boomers.  We aren’t doing it very well.

Thirty-eight percent of students who came from low-income households did well enough on their Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills or college entrance exams to qualify as “college ready.” Only 5 percent of those with limited English language skills did so.

How can Texas keep up with the modern world if we can’t educate our future?  Read the article to learn about how some districts are doing things differently.

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