Maquiladoras are Thriving

via Despite Violence, Manufacturing in Juárez Climbing — Texas-Mexico Border | The Texas Tribune.

In 2009, more than $42 billion in trade value moved through the ports that Juárez shares with El Paso, representing 15 percent of the total trade between the United States and Mexico. That number is estimated to be even higher in 2010.

Despite the violence outside the plants’ gates, inside, business is booming.  Juarez’ 1.3 million citizens continue to work at the factories that assemble products for American and Canadian markets, and new plants are opening for business.

Although the drug wars and a record number of murders continue unabated in Juarez, it has not slowed the growth of these NAFTA-created factories.  As the director of an El Paso based management company says:

“I have discovered maybe an unsavory part of human nature: If we can make money and it’s not too bad, then we are going to go for it.”

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