Can China Be Reigned In?


In Beijing, HIllary Clinton to Discuss Island Disputes -

In Beijing, HIllary Clinton to Discuss Island Disputes

As tensions mount between China and its neighbors over islands in nearby strategic waterways, China has scored some subtle victories, making the United States and its friends increasingly uneasy about the potential for violent confrontations.

With competing claims to numerous islands, and major disputes with Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam, China has put itself in the international spotlight.  US Secretary of State Clinton is heading to China for talks about the maritime claims.

“We will need the nations of the region to work collaboratively together to resolve disputes — without coercion, without intimidating, without threats and, certainly, without the use of force,” Mrs. Clinton said …

Asian nations are vying for control of various island groups as they seek the natural resources in the seas around them.  Maritime control is governed by the UN Law of the Sea, which the US has so far refused to sign.

A senior State Department official who will be in Beijing with Mrs. Clinton said the main goal of the trip was to calm what has been an inflamed summer across the region. “It is absolutely essential that cooler heads prevail in every capital,” the official said.

We can only hope….


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