You Are What You (Think You) Eat

87 Percent of Snapper is Mislabeled, Study Says | Mother Jones.

More than 300 volunteers served as food detectives for the study, purchasing more than 1,200 samples of seafood from 674 restaurants, sushi bars, and grocery stores in in major cities between 2010 and 2012. Oceana then DNA-tested the fish to catch imposters.

No surprise – lots of mislabeling.

White tuna was another biggie – almost none of the labeled fish was really tuna.

A lot of the fraud is occurring due to restrictions on fishing that were put in place to prevent overfishing.  Demand has remained high, so other fish are “substituted.”

What can you do?  Not much, it turns out.

Oceana notes that “it is difficult to identify if fraud is occurring on the boat, during processing, at the retail counter or somewhere along the way.” In other words, it’s nearly impossible to figure out who is responsible for the mislabeling, especially in an increasingly global fish market.

No More Fish in the Sea

via Information is Beautiful: Plenty More Fish In The Sea? | News |

It’s hard to imagine the damage over-fishing is wrecking on the oceans. The effects are literally invisible, hidden deep in the ocean. But there is data out there. And when you visualise it, the results are shocking.

Why aren’t we seeing the effects of the overfishing ?  Because there are more and larger boats, and more and more “farmed” fish in the markets.

Read the article, and you’ll never look at seafood the same way again.

No More Fish

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