Megaslums – The Solution?

Dhaka Bangladesh | Megacity | Urbanization.

Depending on how one measures, the planet now boasts 20 or so megacities — urban agglomerations where the United Nations estimates the population has reached 10 million or more. The world’s rapid urbanization is a reality fraught with both peril and hope. The peril is obvious. Overcrowding, pollution, poverty, impossible demands for energy and water all result in an overwhelming sense these megacities will simply collapse. But the hope, while less obvious, needs more attention. The potential efficiencies of urban living, the access to health care and jobs, along with plummeting urban birth rates have all convinced some environmental theorists the migration to cities may in fact save the planet. But only, these experts hasten to add, if this shift is well managed.

Movin’ on Down the Road

Rural vs. Urban, or Not

via The B.A. Divide | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural.

The country is segregating by education, as people with college degrees cluster in some communities and not others. The areas of the rural America where high percentages of adults hold B.A. degrees have higher incomes and lower unemployment than do those places with less educated populations.

Not only is the rural/urban divide growing, the gap between those with college degrees and those without them is increasing.  It highlights the importance of staying in school.

Although you have to wonder, how did college educated  people misspell Degree in the map title?  I guess they’re math whizzes.

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