Immigrants are Everywhere

In Defense of Dubai |

The Indian child above works in a quarry carrying bricks for about $4 (US) per day.  In 4 years, when he turns 18, he can go to the UAE, specifically Dubai, and make much more, plus housing.   The money will mostly be sent home to support the family he left behind.  He might get a week  off every year or 2 to go home and see his family in India, Nepal, or another poor South Asian country.

But recent reports suggest all is not well with immigrants in Dubai – non-payment of wages owed them, and mistreatment at the hands of their employers, among other allegations.

So the question is – should he move, or not?  Will he?  What push and pull factors are at work here?  What effect will his moving have on the Indian and Dubai economies? Will these immigrants change the culture of Dubai?  Will the culture of S Asia change when these immigrants return home?  What do you think?

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