peoplemovin – A visualization of migration flows

peoplemovin – A visualization of migration flows.

So where are immigrants to Russia from?


Population: 139,390,205

Immigrants: 12,270,388

% of population: 8.8%

Migrant native countries

Amazing that they’re all from former Soviet states.  Why is that?

This and other fascinating visualizations at the website.

If the world’s population lived in one city…

If the world’s population lived in one city… « Per Square Mile.

Simply imagine that the world lived with the same density of a real city, and see how much area they take up. If we all lived like they do in San Francisco (space-wise), we’d take up just under 398k square miles, or rather, only four states. Same density as New York? We’d all fit in Texas. (from Flowing Data)

So what’s the mostly densely populated of these cities?  the least?  which cities probably have good mass transit?  Why is Houston so spread out?

Disappearing Ice

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