What the heck is lake-effect snow?


Scijinks :: What is lake-effect snow?.

Downwind of large lakes, cities can suffer from huge snowfall due to the “lake-effect snow.”

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The Difference Between Weather and Climate

Cold weather snap fuels misinformation over climate change | Al Jazeera America.

Since the winter weather began, some Americans have taken to blogs, television stations and comment threads, asking (often rhetorically) how the weather can be so cold if the world is supposed to be getting warmer.

The question points to a misunderstanding many have over weather and climate.

Weather, of course, it what’s happening outside right now.  Climate is the long-term average.  One cold snap has nothing to do with global warming.

Just as the cold snap can’t necessarily be linked to climate by itself, neither can the unprecedented heat wave currently hitting Australia. (It’s so hot, meteorologists have been forced to add new colors to their heat maps.)

But looking at the long term, its obvious that the climate is warming.

The past year only made it into the top ten of the hottest years on record, but November broke all records for that month, and 2012 was the hottest year ever recorded in the U.S.

Weather is also becoming more extreme: hotter, colder, wetter, and drier than before. Storms like Typhoon Haiyan, which killed several thousand people in the Philippines last year, can’t be directly linked to climate change, but scientists say that the world can expect more Haiyan-like storms as the world gets warmer.

If people don’t recognize the threat of global warming, they won’t be prepared for the changes that are already happening.  Unfortunately, more and more people are refusing to acknowledge the scientific data.

What will happen?  Agricultural zones are already shifting north, pests ranges are spreading, sea level is rising.  And if we don’t begin to deal with it now, the future could be bleak.

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